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Medical Care Provider? Join The Network

Are you a medical service provider who is looking for a way to better serve your patient’s and increase your business?

In today’s economy fewer people have healthcare plans that cover a majority of their costs. As a result more and more people have high deductibles or have no insurance at all. This leaves a large percentage of the population left to pay cash for medical services.

These cash patients are left surfing the internet, dialing dozens of businesses looking for quality care and affordable pricing.  The Affordable HealthCare Network has already done the work for them. We offer one site that lists medical service providers and what they charge. No more guessing and no more negotiating. The price is already as affordable as it gets and payment plans can often be arranged.

We spend thousands of dollars every month to make sure the public is aware that AHCN exists. However, the strength of the network is dependent on the providers. We need providers and we presume you need our marketing expertise to generate more business. Together we are a win win for the provider and the patient.

The best part about AHCN, is it works and it’s affordable. Imagine advertising on television and online independently. As a network of providers we can reduce our overall costs and increase our exposure by joining forces to achieve a common goal. For a minimum down payment and monthly marketing fee our dollars can be multiplied.

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a network provider please call Stacey Pitts at (813) 784-2939.