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Affordable HealthCare Network or AHCN is a network additional resources of medical service providers who have lowered their prices so you can receive the medical care you need.

After more than 40 years in medical imaging and four locations in Florida, we noticed a change in our business. On average, we were losing about one patient per day at one of our locations because patients could not afford the test their doctor ordered. Either they had no insurance or their co-payment was too high. This caused us to look at our business and make some changes.

So we created, Affordable Medical Imaging, a business that accepted no insurance. The results were amazing. In no time at all we were seeing patients who would drive hours and hundreds of miles for tests they may have otherwise ignored. Many became even more pleased when we told them we also offered payment plans.

As word spread, we realized other medical service providers were facing the same dilemma and often had to turn patients away.  Now we can share our story to help others develop an independent, “affordable” business that collects no insurance and doesn’t turn patients away. We decided to call it, Affordable HealthCare Network ……a network that creates a win-win for providers and their patients.

Stay Healthy

It’s YOUR HEALTH and in our country you should not have to ignore it because you think it is going to cost too much. Healthcare in our country should not be preserved for the wealthy or the poor. All Americans urgent essay writing service should be able to receive the medical services they need or desire. Here at AHCN we have medical service providers who care and want to help.

Save Money

It’s simple, reliable and FREE!

Have you ever needed medical care and you called one hospital or medical facility after another to get a price for services? Often times you are either placed on-hold transferred more than once and then stuck leaving a message for someone to help you? Once someone calls you back it’s still hard to get a bottom line price. We identify with this and that is one of the reasons we created AHCN. Our goal is to make it simple and affordable.