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Our Providers

Doctors and Medical Service Provider’s

At AHCN we do not charge our providers to be part of our network. And we site are not a network of providers who are desperate for work and therefore willing to cut their prices. We hand select our providers and have relationships with them.

We have more than 40 years of experience in the medical field so we only choose providers that we know and trust. We know our reputation depends on it. We only select the best providers who are Board certified, licensed, accredited and experienced.

Perhaps the most important thing that sets our providers apart is their understanding of the healthcare crisis in this country. Our providers are dedicated to the patient first. They are in the field of medicine because they want to help people achieve optimal health. Our providers are passionate about making sure people can receive the medical care they need.

As network providers we have eliminated the bureaucracy and made healthcare available to those who need it. Our providers offer the best service at prices you can afford because we cut out the insurance urgent essay writing service variable, saving you money.

List of Affordable Medical Service Providers

General Practioner
Medical Imaging
Lab Work
Pharmacy (short term and long term prescription services available)
Surgical Center
Pain Treatment (Sonic Wave technology)
Women’s Care
Tele medicine
Balance and Fall Prevention
Patient Financing
Limb and Brace

If you need one of these providers or perhaps a provider not listed please do not hesitate to email or call with your request today. Our network is growing daily so don’t wait, contact us or join today.